Our creations are inspired by our heritage, traditions and experiences. We are inspired by the people we meet and places we see, most especially in our home state Ohio. From the dainty Crispeline, to the quirky Denny Bites, to the chocolaty kick of the La Patricia and the nutty goodness of the Nerkarons, It is our desire to share our inspiration and creativity to everyone.

Our Specialty Menu

crispeline 2


Deliciously dainty but big in flavor, these pastries are light, chewy in the middle with a slight crispy outside. Crispelines are a medley of dacquoise almond wafer sandwiches with decadent and rich gourmet milk caramel made in a traditional “yema” method.

2 pcs pack – $3.50

half dozen box – $9.00


La Patricia

Rustic chocolate fudge truffles with a hint of peanut butter.
Inspired by our mom Patty’s classic all time favorite fudge. All made from scratch the old fashioned way!

half dozen box – $6.00



With Filipino origins, these milky and buttery gourmet Polvoron “short bread” melts in your mouth but has a nice slight crunch texture.

half dozen pack – $6.00



Naturally gluten free Lemon-Almond mini cakes with fresh lemon zest and juice that will surely brighten your palate! It’s like a taste of sunshine!

half dozen box – $6.00

Denny Bites

These irresistible delights has the crusty top like that of a soufflé/meringue with cashew nut and the chewy chocolaty goodness of an American brownie. We even kick it up a notch by adding dried cranberries steeped in dark rum!

half dozen box – $7.00



This truly is a Newark, OH original! Inspired by the town of Newark, “Walnutty” goodness make this a truly All-American delight. The locally sourced honey and apricot gives his treat its distinctive chewiness.

4 pcs pack – $5.00


Uncle Giant’s Home Classic Goodies

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Our own take of a classic cookie taken from our Mom Patty’s recipe card! Chewy in the middle and crunchy on the edges, these cookies are loaded with chocolate chip morsels with ground walnuts! Choco-Brownie Squares – Old-fashion super fudgy and chocolatey brownie that you will just can’t get enough of! Choco-Cherry Cookie – Very chocolatey cookie with drunken cherries (dried cherries steeped in dark rum!).

1 pc brownie pack – $3.00

2 pcs. cookie pack – $3.00


Seasonal Treats

From the scrumptious Liege Waffles, gingerbread bites, to chocolate chip cookie cups and more, we create traditional and unique treats to make your holidays deliciously awesome! Also, watch out for other seasonal delights that we offer all year round!