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Bite-size delights! Uniquely Created in Newark, Ohio

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Our Story

    Uncle Giant is founded by Brian and Dennis. They both have real passion for baking and always made baked goodies for their families and friends. They both have travelled extensively and had different jobs (Dennis is a retail executive, while Brian is a researcher with a PhD in Fisheries Sciences), but still found their way back to their passion and love. Nowadays, they use their background to create unique and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy!

    Uncle Giant’s treats are handmade and baked in small batches. All pastries are freshly made with the highest quality local ingredients whenever possible. There are no added preservatives and everything is made from scratch!

    Why Uncle Giant? – When my nephew was a tiny toddler, he couldn’t pronounce my real name. Maybe because I was the tallest and biggest in the family, he always described me as the “giant”. One afternoon when we were just hanging out in our house, he called me a name for which I will be forever known. From that day on, I am “Uncle Giant” to my family and now to you.

    – Brian Wade Jamandre, Co-Owner